Anew Renewal Protinol Power Serum

See 7 powerful skin benefits in 7 days** with the Anew Renewal Power Serum. 1. fine lines look reduced 2. firmer looking skin 3. smoother looking skin 4. radiant glow uncovered 5. pores look minimised 6. stronger feeling skin 7. more resilient skin This wonder serum is powered by Protinol™ Technology, which gives skin a better-quality collagen boost, and niacinamide, which protects collagen and helps renew skin at the surface. Protinol™ formulas smooth lines and firm skin even faster than those with retinol.*** Product specification: • Skin concern: multiple skin types, tones and ages. • Formulated with Protinol™ Technology and niacinamide. • See 7 powerful skin benefits in 7 days.* • Size: 30ml. How to use me: Apply this anti-ageing serum in upwards and outwards motions to cleansed face and neck in the morning and/or evening. Follow with your Anew moisturiser to obtain the best results from this collagen-boosting product as part of a dedicated and personalised weekly skincare regime.


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نتائج فعاله في 7 ايام في علامات تقدم العمر

1.يقلل من مظهر الخطوط الرفيعه

2. تبدو البشرة بمظهر مشدود

3. تبدو البشرة مظهر ناعم

4. تبدو بشرتك بضي مشرق 

5. يقلل من مظهر المسام المتسعة

6. بشره بمظهر نضر

7. بشره بمظهر اكثر مرونه

* يستخدم قبل الكريمات النهاريه واليليه