Avon Suger Maple Glass Effects Hydrogel Face Mask

Achieve a dewy, hydrated look of Glass Skin with the Glass Effect Hydrogel Sheet Mask. This clear hydrogel mask features Korean Sugar Maple to help boost hydration and healthy glow in just 10 minutes. CLAIMS: • Skin is left luminous and glowing • Hydrogel cools the skin instantly • Contains sugar maple extract to help remove dead skin cells • Comes in two parts for a better fit • 10 minutes to dewy, hydrated, “glass-effect” skin • Boost hydration for a healthy-looking glow • Our (Avon’s) first hydrogel face mask HOW TO USE: Place both parts of the mask on your face. Smooth out any creases and wrinkles. Relax for 10 minutes. Remove and gently massage excess into skin.

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