mark. Big & False Mascara

Discover the power of 1000 microfibers that visibly increase the volume of your lashes. Highly volumizing mascara with microfibers. Black. Provides the false lashes effect straight from the beauty parlor. Lasts all day long. No clumps, crumbles, or smudging. Suitable for sensitive eyes; ophthalmologically and clinically tested. What our product can do for you? Big & False Lash mascara will visibly transform your lashes, providing false lash effect straight from the beauty parlor. Lashes become thicker and more seducing. To achieve the best outcome our cosmetic is equipped with a classical, thick bristle brush. You will effortlessly reach lashes from roots to endings, including even the shortest ones, and evenly distribute product over the entire lash length. The patented formula consists of 1000 microfibers in every bottle to dramatically increase lash volume. Big & False Lash mascara prevents smudging and crumbling, and does not leave any clumps. We have ensured the longevity of mascara, so you can enjoy magnificent lashes all day long. Which precious ingredients does the product contain? Avon often supplements its cosmetics with precious ingredients that enhance product efficiency and provide the extra effect. Big & False Lash mascara has been enriched with microfibers in various shapes and sizes that adapt to your lashes providing the natural volumizing effect. Size: 10ml.

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